A roof tear-off is often necessary when replacing a roof. In many cities and towns, codes require a tear-off rather than adding additional layers on top of existing materials. 

Intermountain West Contractors keeps track of codes that apply to new roof installations over existing ones in order to advise you about the pertinent laws that apply to your location.

Tearing off a roof can be difficult work and occasionally dangerous. Accidents such as someone falling through a rotted section of roof or being injured by flying material have been known to happen. For this reason, we discourage enthusiastic DIY-ers from attempting roof removals on their own. In addition, roof tear-off materials need to be disposed of properly according to city ordinances. At Intermountain West Contractors, we pride ourselves on keeping a safe and clean construction site, which means you won’t find roofing nails or parts of shingles in your yard after we’ve finished with the roof removal and installation.